Aller Anfang ist schwer

During my first semester in college, I finished my second novel. (My first was frankly too embarrassing to even be considered a true novel.) I read it, reread it, tweaked it, got feedback from my family, and then realized—I had no idea what to do next.

Several years, many classes, and three editing internships later, I still don’t have any golden rules of how to go about getting published. But I have learned an awful lot about the publishing industry, and I still hope to one day jump in it on the writer’s side, rather than the editor’s. Hence the blog: a place for me to gather and share what I’ve learned and am learning on my writing adventure, and hopefully a place where I can learn from others’ experiences.

And as for the name of the blog? Well, one thing I’ve learned for certain is that there are a lot of knocks when you’re trying to get published. You pour blood sweat and tears into every word on hundreds of pages, labor through the criticism of your writing group, and watch the rejection letters pile up. It’s easy to feel like you’re getting thrown off a cliff—but as we all know, “Bumbles bounce!”

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