Holy Terrifying, Batman

I got an email from my publisher today. Which is great–every email I’ve gotten from them has been from a super friendly and helpful person and has only gotten me more excited about the day my book hits the shelves. But the topic of today’s email?


There was talk of launch parties and book signings and readings and bookstore managers and oh my word you want me to talk to how many complete strangers?!

Okay, understand: I know that most people out there are generally nice people. But I was that kid in class who would only answer a question if called on, and sometimes not even then, if the stage fright got to me before the answer did.

Then again, I guess I’ve spoken in front of crowds before. And I suppose this comes with the territory. Here’s to learning how not to tremble uncontrollably at the very thought of public speaking.

Any of you other author types out there have advice for surviving those kinds of events?

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