Wanted: Good Character Profiles

Check out this awesome character profiling sheet from thoughts4paper!

Paper Thoughts

I am doing really well if I can remember even half of the details and memories of my own life, much less retain the intimate information of at least a dozen characters in a story I am working on. I’ve made very good friends with character profile sheets and it seems to be working out. I mean, I think it is the real thing. Like, I think this template’s the one.

The basis to any relationship, including fictitious ones you create, is communication. You are going to want to ask your character the tough questions and be as specific as possible. Think of everything. Be your character’s very own stalker. I mean ‘fan’.

StalkerIt isn’t enough to tell us your character’s name and description. We want to know their deepest fears, their strongest desires, and what will set them off at the drop of a hat. You may not even…

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