I’m Inspiring!

My fabulous friend Amy from Inkcouragement nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! Her blog is one of my favorites, so click on over and check it out!


Like most awards, this one comes with rules:

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.

2.List the rules and display the award.

3. Describe three things that have inspired you recently.

4.Share seven facts about yourself.

5.Nominate a few other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated

6.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

* * *

Three things that have inspired me recently:

1. My baby girl. She is one of the most crazy-determined people I have ever seen. It’s hard to believe that in only a few short months, she’s gone from kicking helplessly on her back to running around the house like a maniac. She’s a champ.

2. Music. Not any music in particular, just music. It always inspires me onward and upward, whether it’s in editing or washing dishes or making it to naptime.

3. Stonewall Jackson. “Never take counsel from your fears.”

* * *

About me:

1. Wearing mismatched socks gives me superpowers. Namely, standing in front of a group of people without wanting to sprint out of the room. If you ever see me giving a presentation, you’d better believe my socks don’t match.

2. I can’t whistle. I’ve tried for years.

3. I grew up in Northern California, and I call almonds “ammonds” to prove it.

4. I quote movies. All the time. Sometimes movies I haven’t even seen.

5. #10 is my Doctor. Though there’s a special place in my heart for #5 as well.

6. I still have two left? Let’s see . . . I love the sound of rain falling at night. And petrichor.

7. I am so not a night owl. I’m absolutely useless after 10:00 pm.

* * *

And now on to the best part of awards: the new nominees!

Suzanne from Tattooed Missionary. Her posts never fail to make me think, and she is always so positive. Definitely an inspirational blogger.

And Bookgirl, one of my favorite book bloggers! I love her reviews, and she also has some great thought-provoking posts, like the one on book ratings.

Thanks again, Amy!


  1. Cool facts!! Petrichor is an amazing smell. Clean and fresh. As long as it doesn’t smell fishy or wormy, I’m in love.
    And although I adore 10, 11 is my doctor, mostly because he’s nearly as goofy and adorably awkward as I am. I hold a special place for 9 because he brought the series back, and 7, because I love Sylvester McCoy in general.
    I quote movies, as well, ALL THE TIME! And I can’t whistle either! Man, this is scary. Two peas in a pod, I’m telling you!

    • I’m glad you liked my facts–it took me so long to post this because I couldn’t come up with any good facts about myself!

      Sylvester McCoy is working his way up my list of favorites. I wasn’t sure about him at first, but I’m watching Remembrance of the Daleks right now, and he is great! And it always makes me laugh when I watch the Hobbit and he’s Radagast. Also, I just have to tell you this because I know you’ll appreciate it–at the EMP in Seattle they have one of the Daleks from Sylvester McCoy’s days. I’ve gone to see it (and the old-school Cyberman) like three times.

      It’s settled. We must be long-lost twins. It’s a good thing we have the internet to discover this forgotten twindom!

  2. Thanks for the nomination and the lovely comments, love your blog can I nominate you back. I will get around to the requirements soon -I promise. Mismatched socks -love it. in my house we all have the wrong socks on, where do they all go? It drives my hubby crazy, so I’ll tell him it gives him superpowers.:)

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