Out they come, the brainy specs!

Until recently, I had only owned two different pairs of glasses in my life, and I didn’t particularly like either of them. Contacts were my preferred method of being able to see, and my glasses existed pretty much to get me from the bathroom to the bedroom at night without running into anything.

However, as my glasses were two or three prescriptions behind and my contacts don’t agree well with Washington allergens, I decided it was finally time to get some glasses I didn’t mind wearing in public. And thus came . . . the brainy specs!

"You don't even need them. You just think they make you look a bit clever."

“You don’t even need them. You just think they make you look a bit clever.”

Unlike the dear Doctor, I do need my brainy specs, but I’m not against them making me look a bit clever. Or, you know, a bit more authory.

All right, enough goofing off. Time to get back to work. My writing is certain to be fabulously inspirational under the influence of such literary spectacles as those I wear.


  1. Marvelous! I’ve worn glasses since I was 11, though I can see fine without them…(they are mostly for reading though I wear them all the time) I’ve gone from bug glasses of the teenage years in the 90’s to less nerdy, to librarian small gold and tortoiseshell. I’d love to go to more ‘brainy’ now, but well, not exactly necessary. But Hey, they will help I’m sure especially if you suffer from allergies. I’ve heard the contacts can be a real pain with allergies. And who wouldn’t want to look like the dear Doctor? πŸ™‚

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