Cabel Takes a Hand

Hi all! Cabel here. I’m taking over for today while Emily is recovering from last week. She’s over in a corner right now muttering about businessmen, ill-timed inspiration, and soap bottles. Frankly, I’m too afraid to ask. She did tell me, before she went to her corner, that I was to “extend her deepest apologies” that she hasn’t been able to respond to comments or keep up with everyone’s hogs lately.

(What? What about bogs?)

Oh. Blogs. Sorry. I wondered why she was so worried about a bunch of pigs. We don’t have blogs in my world. From what she’s told me, I’m writing a letter that will get picked up by someone called Internet and shown to people around the world. It must take an awful long time, but I bet Internet gets to meet some interesting people.

To be honest, I’m not sure why Emily picked me to fill in for her. I mean, there are a lot of other people in Demon’s Heart who could write a better letter than I could.

Rustav, for example. He’s traveled everywhere! You should hear him talk about walking the endless sands on the other side of the mountains, or sailing through a storm in the middle of the ocean, or even just the sailors he met in Markuum. I learned a new word or two from hearing about the sailors, let me tell you.

Dantzel would give you a rant about the king and the Guards that would make you want to pick up a sword and storm the castle right here and now. I hate them as much as she does, but boy, when she gets steamed, you’ll think you didn’t know what anger was before you met her. And she doesn’t always know when to stop. She’s had more than a few run-ins with the Guards because she won’t back down.

I would even have chosen Anton over me. Granted, he’s old, and he talks kind of slow and dry. But nobody knows more folk tales than he does. He can keep the tales coming over a fire longer than anyone I’ve ever met.

Me? I’m the errand boy for Pa’s store. The farthest I’ve been is to old Spinner’s house on the edge of the village. Pa keeps me close. He doesn’t want to lose anyone else to the Guards. I guess I understand, but sometimes I wonder why he doesn’t fight, doesn’t even resist. Doesn’t it make him angry, seeing them strut around after everything that happened? I wasn’t even there, not really, and I still want to beat those jerk Guards into the dirt.

Only problem is, I’m so small, I’m not sure I could reach their heads in a fight.

But I get the feeling that everything’s about to change. Something’s going to happen in Courei. Rustav tries to keep it off his face, but he knows too much about it. I’m scared that it’s going to hurt our village even more, but maybe it’ll kick people into action. Maybe we’ll have the strength to kick the murdering king off the throne. And maybe I’ll get to be a part of it, even if I am little.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this blog. Time to hand it off to Internet and send him on his way. If you see him on his journey, give him a good meal. Traveling is a long and hungry business.

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