“Don’t drive like my brother!”

I just found out that Tom Magliozzi died on Monday.

I’ll admit that I didn’t recognize the name at first. I only knew Tom and his brother Ray as Click and Clack the Tappett Brothers, good-humored hosts of Car Talk on NPR.

Now, I have never had much interest in the inner workings of automobiles. But I still loved listening to Car Talk on Saturday mornings with my dad as we drove to the tennis courts or the grocery store or wherever else we happened to be on our way to.

It was the laugh that made Car Talk what it was. If you’ve ever listened in, you know what I’m talking about. The jokes and cracks were ten times funnier because they were followed by that constant, goofy belly laugh.

As it turns out, Tom and Ray were more than a couple of radio mechanics. Both were MIT graduates, and Tom got a doctoral degree in marketing. Their DIY auto repair shops were a success, and the radio show started out with Ray trying to get out of a panel of mechanics on local radio and Tom trying to get out of a day of work. Needless to say, Ray didn’t manage to stay off the radio for long.

Even if you’ve never tuned in to Car Talk, chances are good you’ve heard Click and Clack. You know the Rust-Eze brothers from Cars? The ones sponsoring Lightning McQueen, who send him off after his first race with a cheery “Don’t drive like my brother!” There you go! You knew Tom Magliozzi.

Have you ever listened to Car Talk? If not, head over to CarTalk.com and have a listen. It’s well worth the time!


  1. My family and I enjoyed having their company on the way to so many Saturday morning outings over the years–when they stopped doing original shows a couple of years ago, that was difficult enough, but Tom’s death hit me a lot harder than I expected. I just hope, wherever he is, that they don’t have Peugeots.

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