Better Late than Never

It’s the last Monday of 2014! I spent most of it on the freeway, and I’m grateful to be out of the car now. As this is the last day of the year for my writing challenge, I thought I’d put up a list of the challenges I’ve done this year for you to pick from. Enjoy!

9/8 Take a minor character from your WIP and write a scene from their past, before your story takes place
9/15 Find a place that fills one of your characters with nostalgia. Write a brief scene showing why that place is so important to him or her.
9/22 Write a scene from your villain’s childhood.
9/29 What’s your character’s quirk? Write a scene where it’s prominent.
10/6 Take a scene and rewrite it from a different character’s point of view.
10/13 Take a prominent setting in your book and describe it in detail through the eyes of one of your characters.
10/20 Take a point in your story where a character is traveling, whether it’s a long or a short journey. Describe not only what your character sees, but also how it makes her feel, what it reminds him of, the emotions evoked.
10/27 How’s your character’s work ethic? Lazy, workaholic, sporadic, always starting and never completing . . . Write a scene where one character’s work ethic affects another’s life or routine.
11/4 What is the main source of income for your country/city/town/village? How does your character fit into that equation? A normal worker, or an outlier? Work your character’s relation to the main economy into a scene.
11/10 Write a bare-bones dialogue, with just enough markers to know who’s talking and what’s going on. Sit back and see if you can read it aloud like you’re having a conversation in a friend. In fact, go get a friend, strap her to a chair if necessary, and read it back and forth. Make necessary revisions until you don’t sound like a snooty Victorian. (Unless, of course, your character is a snooty Victorian.)
11/17 Write out the scene where your villain makes (or starts to make) the turn from good to evil.
11/24 What’s a long-standing tradition in your character’s life? Write a descriptive scene with your character’s thoughts and feelings as the tradition is happening–or during a time when the tradition has failed.
12/8 From a minor character’s point of view, write the moment that character meets your protagonist: feelings, first impressions, biases, etc.
12/15 Write a scene from a normal day for one of your characters, before your story throws a wrench in his or her life.

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