Computers and Fire Swamps

I’ve been without a computer for a week plus, as my laptop cord died last week and I’ve been waiting on the replacement. It came today, and let me tell you, I’ve never been so happy to touch a keyboard in my life. Recording pages of creative inspiration on a tablet took way too much thumb dexterity. Thankfully, it has now been fully transferred back to my computer to be expanded using more than two fingers, and my thumbs have been relegated to space bar duty.

While my computer was out of commission, I had a guest post over at Meet Your Main Character about my days working in the Fire Swamps. Or, well, something like that. Check it out!



  1. I have had the moments of a week without a laptop. Both for a cord frying and a week without antivirus. (amazing how paranoid you can get without antivirus these days) I try to make a habit of writing long hand just for those laptop free moments, but the transferring. Oh the transferring. It’s exhausting.

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