Folded wings beside my desk

Do you ever have a moment where you’re laughing at a totally bizarre, off-the-wall character . . . and then you realize it’s only that funny because it’s totally you?

Like in Okay For Now, by Gary D. Schmidt, where Doug Swieteck comes face to face with the mysterious and eccentric Mrs. Windermere, and she’s so busy hammering away at her typewriter that she can’t be bothered to let the delivery boy in, until she gets so fed up with his persistent knocking that she informs him that he is disrupting a very delicate moment:

“Creativity is a god who comes only when he pleases, and it isn’t very often. But when he does come, he sits beside my desk and folds his wings and I offer him whatever he wants and in exchange he lets me type all sorts of things that get turned into plays for which people who own New York stages are waiting. And right now, he is sitting by my desk, and he is being very kind. So if you would go away . . .” (47-48)

Mrs. Windermere isn’t exactly a major character, but I love her to pieces because I can now explain to my husband that Creativity has folded his wings beside my desk and he knows what I mean.

The thing she doesn’t mention is that Creativity generally chooses to fold his wings at rather inopportune times. Like when I had set aside a week for intensive revision of one book, and instead I’ve spent that week streaming out chapter after chapter of something entirely different.

But hey, who am I to argue with Creativity? If I keep up at this rate, my pancake draft will be done in another two or three weeks. Considering that I am not and have never been a NaNoWriMo type writer, that’s an impressive feat.

Okay, the wings are flapping impatiently. I better get back to work. But leave me some comment lovin’ and tell me–what does Creativity have you working on these days?


  1. Teeheehee… I’m literally imagining you flapping your arms in time with the wings. Haha! Or I’m seeing the actual winds stirring up all the papers on your desk and mucking them about the room. Bahaha!!!
    Sorry, my imagination got away from me.
    You know what I’m working on, already. Which I’m very grateful for. 🙂

    • Hahaha! Those darn wings making a mess of everything. Although flapping your arms is a really good workout. That could be my desk workout so that I actually get some exercise instead of just sitting there. Write a paragraph, flap for thirty seconds, write another paragraph, flap for thirty more seconds . . . genius, I tell you!

  2. I must confess I’ve had to ask Creativity to wait waaay too many times recently… Life has its demands, and sometimes they’re more important than even the best dreams, but my story has been nagging me so much to finally be written that I’ve made good progress recently. One more chapter to go! (And then some revising, and hopefully some querying and lots and lots of hoping.)

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