Boggarting your character

Remember meeting boggarts way back in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? A creature that shapes itself into whatever you fear the most. How terrifying is that?

But what a brilliant creation! Forcing the characters to face their fears and showing their reactions not only developed the characters better, it humanized them, brought them a little closer to our hearts. Fear is a universal emotion, but everyone deals with it differently. Therefore, fear is a great way to make your character more relatable, but also to give your character more distinct traits.

So for this week’s challenge, ponder:


Put your character up against what he/she fears most. What is it? How does your character respond? What does fear feel like to your character?


Happy writing!


  1. My main character’s boggart… hmmm. An empty hip-flask? No, that’s not going far enough.

    Maybe a locked room, white walls, no furniture, no windows, a single fluorescent light humming, ever humming. The smell of bleach, and the sound of slippered feet on the other side of the cold steel door. No way to sense time passing. No knowing when they’ll come for him. No knowing what they’ll do

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