Heading back to school . . .

May has been a whirlwind month! I ended up back in Northern California last week and had a great opportunity to do some school visits—one of which was at my very own elementary school, where my fourth-grade teacher still teaches! The kids were fabulous, with so many great questions and great answers to my questions. Totally loved geeking out over Harry Potter fanfiction with a couple of girls from Franklin, and I loved seeing so many of the kids come to the signing on Saturday night! Many, many thanks to Kim for getting it all organized so quickly.

Here are a few fun shots from the schools . . .


At Lincrest with my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Nakashima. Love this woman!


I went with a Prezi instead of a PowerPoint, in case you were curious.


Aaand over to Franklin, where they had the COOLEST touch-screen whiteboard. I’ve gotta get me one of those. There were some super devoted writers in this bunch, and I loved talking with them afterward!


Some of the Riverbend crowd waiting for the show to start. Sharp kids here with some insightful questions!


Setting up at La Unica’s. Great food and wonderful employees! Thanks for hosting the signing!

2015-05-16 15.48.58

Aaaand my buddy who set up all the books and kept the table neat. Thanks for hanging out with me all evening!



  1. GAH!!! It’s so exciting! I hope one day to be doing something similar. I’m sure the kids just loved hearing from a published author. I’m sure you inspired many writers and future writers/authors to pursue their craft. Brava!

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