Is it Fall already?

Yesterday was summer–sunny and warm and beautiful. Today is gray and cold, with rain forecasted for the whole weekend. Isn’t it August still?

I’m not complaining, though. I’ve never been a huge fan of hot weather, and I like getting these little breaks. It does make me feel like fall, though, so I’m taking advantage of a temporarily quiet house to listen to Harry Connick Jr.’s “When My Heart Finds Christmas” and get some serious plotting done.

What are you listening to and working on today?


  1. I don’t listen to music and still not writing what I supposed told myself I am going to write. My plants are dying from the heat wave and I have no energy to give water to them day and day out. My neighbor said they are dead anyway for this year so there is no use.

  2. Ah, Christmas music. I adore thee.
    I just got back from a baby shower and, since I’ve been writing/editing like mad the last few weeks, I’ve spent the rest of the day reading to my heart’s content. But I’m also really tired, so even though I’m enjoying having a couple days to just read… I just want to fall asleep while I read!!! Gah!
    And I’m still kind of in my Hans Zimmer mode, but I’ve been sneaking in Christmas music as much as possible.

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