Getting past the first page

The past couple of weeks have been utterly abysmal in the writing arena. I have two manuscripts waiting for me to go another round of editing. I even have critique buddy’s comments to get me started.

But every time I look at the first page, I think, “I am going to die if I have to read this one more time.”

So I’ve been running away from those two manuscripts and outlining another project. Unfortunately, this is about the tenth outline I’ve attempted for this story, because it never comes together quite right. Which means that every time I look at it, I think, “I am going to die if I have to reorganize this plot one more time.”

Which means there’s been a lot of griping and whining around here and blaming my utter lack of motivation on the fact that Scout keeps waking up at 5:20 (!!) and so we’re all tired and cranky.

But it’s thunderstorming outside. So I’m going to go sit out on our front porch and hope that lightning strikes. Metaphorically, of course. Nothing like the raging forces of nature to spark inspiration, right?

How’s your writing going these days?



  1. Sounds like you’re burnt out on the manuscripts and the outline. Put them all away, until you feel like working on one of them. If you choose to work on the outlined plot, it’s time to stop outlining and start writing. This has nothing to do with “motivation.” You’re not required to run farther or faster than you have the strength. Best wishes!

  2. Oh, man. Scout!!! Go back to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeppp!!!
    And I’m still in my reading phase since I feel like I missed so much of that while finishing my latest edit. I just finished reading “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.” OH MY GOODNESS!!! SO AMAZING!!!!
    Now I’m preparing to send my manuscript out. I just have to dust off my prepped list of agents and start formatting it to each one. Yikes! So nervous!

  3. Strange. I’m about to take my daily walk when the weather suddenly changed dramatically. I already drove 25 km when I decided to turn back because the sky looked and still is like a combination of Apocalypse Now and War of the World. I don’t sleep properly for few weeks now. The least I can manage is 2-3 hours and it’s way too little even for an insomniac like me. My writing? All over the place and confused.

  4. Spent five glorious days last week with my writing sisters “fixing” my WIP’s plot and character issues. Not wrong issues, but they suggested some things that’ll ramp up the story. Problem is, once I got home, real life returned, and I haven’t gotten a single sentence written. I feel like I’m borderline “creatively constipated”; I have a plan, but I can’t squeeze real life aside long enough to work my way through my revisions. Sigh. I need to go back to the retreat!

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