October changes

I thrive on trying new things. (In my writing life, obviously–don’t go trying to get me to use a different brand of toothpaste.) The past few weeks, in an effort to cut back on headaches, I’ve been spending as little time as possible in front of my computer screen. And let me tell you, it has been a refreshing change. Aside from completing a hard-copy edit of the sequel to Demon’s Heart, I also pulled out this fabulous little notebook:


…and starting writing by hand for the first time in years. And it’s AMAZING! I love it! There’s something about adding in the uniqueness of your own handwriting to the story that makes it feel even more like your own masterpiece.

I also tried this for the first time ever yesterday:


Note cards, colorful pens, and M&Ms. Again, it was fabulous. Using note cards added a great dimension of flexibility to my planning that just isn’t there in a Word doc. And, you know, a little chocolate never hurt the writing process.

So here I am, congratulating myself on trying so many new things. And then I realize: it’s October. And you know what that means, right? It means writers everywhere are ramping up for that grueling marathon of words so innocuously called NaNoWriMo.

Never in my life have I participated in NaNo. 50K words in a month? Are you nuts?! That’s, like, death by keyboard!

But I’m teetering here, friends. I’m tempted to jump on board. I have two different projects that I could do, and there’s this crazy little voice inside my head that’s screaming for me to go for it.

So should I jump on the NaNo wagon?



  1. Sure, why not?! Worst case scenario is… you don’t write a 50k novel hahha. I have been doing it every year for the past 3(?) years, and I never win it, but it’s still fun to put forth the effort in an attempt, you know? NaNo’s importance is only fueled by how much importance you place on it. If you know what I mean n

  2. Do it. Just do it. I’d do it again, as I have for the past ten years, but I did my NaNo this year in February. Yep, 50k+ words in 28 days (30 days is for chumps (not really!)), so this November is for revising that novel. The reason I do NaNo every year is to reinforce that “write every day” habit. I know as I’m writing that it’ll be mostly crap, but I also know I’ll go back and polish it up.

    I’ll put in my numbers from Feb this November for the stats (I tracked them per day), so if you want, we can be NaNo buddies. Sometimes it helps to have someone to “race” with.

  3. Please tell me you ate more than that piddly pile of M&Ms!! Please!
    If you didn’t, you have the best self-control of any M&M eater I know. πŸ™‚
    I haven’t done NaNo, and I probably won’t. It’s too much pressure. Though I like having deadlines and such, the kind of time I’d have to dedicate to that would be insanity. And Novembers are always crazy busy months for me with family and friend stuff going on, so I probably wouldn’t ‘win’ anyways.
    I also followed in your footsteps and got some writing done on paper. I haven’t done that in a while and it felt weird. Good, but weird. I need to do it more. Staring at a blank piece of paper is a lot less intimidating than staring at a partially completed manuscript and having absolutely no idea what do say next.

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