Pre-Sun Productivity

I woke up at 3:30 this morning with my brain listing all the things I needed to do, that I’ve needed to do for a week and haven’t had the time or energy for, and I spent an hour convincing myself that I was never going to survive the winter.

But then I decided that, as long as I was awake, I might as well start crossing some of those things off my list. And, my friends, I crossed almost every item off that list. In two hours, I accomplished what I had planned to spend a month doing. It’ll still take some work, but man, Microsoft Word is WAY more versatile and useful than I gave it credit for. Forget you, Adobe.

There’s been so much shifting going on in the past two weeks that I’ve been a little overwhelmed in the writing sector. But after this morning, I have fresh confidence that it’s all going to work out. Not exactly how I planned, but isn’t that the way life always goes?

I’m probably not making much sense, but just know that life is moving forward, and so is (finally) the sequel to Demon’s Heart. I’ll have news on that front for you after a few more phone calls are taken care of.

In the meantime, I’m taking a nap.



  1. 3:30??? Yuck! If I’m up early with inspiration for writing and such, it’s usually at 4:30 or 5. Your poor body really didn’t want you to sleep, huh?
    I’m so glad you accomplished so much! Yay!
    You really should go nap.
    And p.s., my plans for this weekend fell through so I’m going to Oregon/Mt. Hood for the weekend! Yay! (And doing it really cheaply, too!)

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