Bring it on.

For the first time in all of October, I have two full days with absolutely nothing planned ahead of me. Of course, they also happen to be the last two days of October, which means they are dedicated to all the projects I need to finish before NaNoWriMo comes charging in.

The two biggest projects? The outline for my NaNo novel, of course. I’m waffling on the ending–how cruel am I going to be to my characters? How closely do I want to weave this one in with the other two (still unwritten) novels set in the same world? How many people are going to end up on the brink of insanity at the end? I know some people would just leave it open and see where it goes, but I’m so not good at that approach. My possible endings diverge too widely, and I have to know which one I’m heading for.

Also, I still have like two-thirds of a close edit of Stone Alliance to finish before I put it away for a month. Who on earth starts a close edit of a manuscript with only a week in which to finish it? Oh, yeah. This crazy person right here. But I hit page 100 today, which was my goal. 160 more pages in two days? I can totally do that. Who needs sleep, anyway?

What are you working on? Are you outlining your NaNo novel or jumping in with your eyes closed?


  1. Good luck, Em! I always try to get a NaNo outline done in October. I’ve learned I do much better that way. The next two days? Cleaning up the garden (mmm, Brussels sprouts) and finishing the fall cleaning I’ve been procrastinating on since…um, well, a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My sister is here!!! YAY!!! So, as much as I’d love to get writing now that I’m done with my job, there’s very little time for it between the visiting and the packing and cleaning. I hope you have a fun and productive couple of days!!! (And don’t worry, I’ll understand if I don’t hear from you much during November). ๐Ÿ™‚

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