Hello, winter

Today, I am grateful for electricity, and for a house that is once again lighted and warm.

Today, I am not grateful for social media.

As such, I have compiled a list of all the things I can do instead of staring at people being obnoxious to each other over the internet:

  • Bake more cookies.
  • Write more words.
  • Read more books.
  • SLEEP. (There has not been enough of this going around the past forty-eight hours.)
  • Ponder. Pray. Meditate. Whatever you call that time when you sort out all the complicated things that are going on in your brain, preferably with divine assistance.
  • Exercise.
  • Eat good food. (Define “good” however you will.)
  • Play with my favorite little two-year-old.
  • Read articles/books that actually cite legitimate sources.
  • Finish all those crafting projects hiding in my closet.
  • Enjoy nature.
  • People-watch.
  • Did I mention writing more words? I can’t believe how productive I’ve been with NaNo pushing me to prioritize.
  • Make music.

I could go on, but more likely than not, no one cares much about my disgruntled disenchantment with Facebook, and the power outage has put me a little behind in my writing, so I’ve got to go catch up. And, you know, there are cookies to be eaten. Tschüß out, bloggy friends.


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