The Care and Keeping of Your Writerly Friends

Let’s face it: we writers are a quirky bunch, sometimes requiring special care. Here are some suggestions to pass on to anyone who might need help knowing what to do once they have unwittingly befriended a writer:

  • Get used to stray pen marks. Hands, face, couch, clothes–writers can’t be bothered with neatness when they’re trying to capture the fates of their characters in a flash of blinding inspiration.
  • Don’t be offended if your writer friend stops talking mid-conversation. Just give them a few minutes to work out the plot snarl that is beginning to untangle in their mind.
  • Sometimes your writer friend will discuss possible ways to kill/kidnap/torture someone. Don’t call the police. Just accept it as story research.
  • Reassure them. Frequently. Writing is one long series of ups and downs, and writers need to be told they’re not crazy at least 500 times a day. (Yes, I know writers are in fact crazy, but we like to be told that we’re not.)

There are the basics! What would you add to the list?



  1. Don’t mind the notebook over there. Or the one over there. Or that one. Or that other one. And for the life of Pete, don’t you dare use any of them for your own notes. That writer friend of yours has a purpose for each and every one of those notebooks, and a reason they’re scattered everywhere (and I also mean that one under the couch cushion–hey, I said leave it alone 😐 )

    But if you’d like to bring pens and pencils around to “lose”, feel free 😀

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