Blogging was not high on my list of priorities today. But I’m trying to be better at being consistent, so I’m taking a minute to update and using this post as a place to lay out my projects and prioritize what needs to happen first. So this is what I have in front of me:

  • New beta read! I’m most excited about this one, so it’s probably going to get top slot. I love reading new books from new writer friends, and this looks like a good one.
  • Rewriting. This is something I’d love to lock myself up and devote my day to, but it’s the absolute least pressing. But I’m so excited about how this novel is turning out! It’s a plot I’ve been tossing around and reshaping for years, and it’s finally coming together.
  • Door prizes. I’m pulling together the door prizes for my launch party next Saturday, and I’m SO EXCITED! They look amazing. I’ll post a picture once it’s all done.
  • Other launch party prep. I’ve got to decide which part I’m going to read, what exactly I’m going to talk about, etc.
  • Layout design. I’m designing the interior layout for another author’s book and loving every minute of it. It’s good to be back on the editing/design side of the profession. Being a writer is my first and foremost passion, but I sure love the editing role as well. It’s been a couple ofΒ  years since I’ve done it professionally, but I’m hoping to get more into it in the near future.

Okay, time to get moving here. What are you working on today?



  1. Working at my day job, but after the bell, I’m working on my WIP revisions. First run through means taking care of all the plot whoopsies, repetition, repetition, and extraneous words. Then the second run through, using the feedback from a few valued writer friends. Ahh, revisions! Gotta love ’em (or hate ’em. It all depends on the day πŸ™‚ )

  2. Holy cramuckas, lady!! I feel like a complete lazybones compared to you!!! Haha! Well, you know what’s on my plate right now. I’d love to dive back into my NaNo book, but this rewrite is numero uno on my list of things to do. That and, of course, beta-reading, which I sometimes wish I could do full time. πŸ™‚ I so wish I could attend your launch party!!!

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