About the Author

I’m a Mormon mom, a devourer of books, and a hopeless addict to writing. I’m married to the coolest German professor in the world, and we have a daughter who never—stops—moving. For the purposes of this blog, her name is Scout, both because she is a tough scout and because I love Jean Louise Finch.

Wearing mismatched socks gives me superpowers. Namely, standing in front of a group of people without wanting to sprint out of the room. If you ever see me giving a presentation, you’d better believe my socks don’t match.

I can’t whistle. I’ve tried for years.

I grew up in Northern California, and I  call almonds “ammonds” to prove it.

I quote movies. All the time. Sometimes movies I haven’t even seen.

#10 is my Doctor. Though there’s a special place in my heart for #5 as well.



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