WordPressiversary Nostalgia

Every year, on January 6, I get a notification on WordPress that another year has passed since I first registered here. And without fail, I get all nostalgic about the reason why I joined WordPress.

It was for a class I took my final semester at the university. A class I didn’t need according to my academic advisor, but a class that I needed with all my soul according to my writerly ambitions. It was the class that changed my life possibly more than any other class I took during those four years.

I met Brandon Mull and Dan Wells and other amazing authors.

Even better, I met Jennifer Nielsen and got a signed copy of The False Prince about two days after it was released.

I listened to agents, editors, authors, illustrators, and other publishing gurus talk about their experiences in the world of books.

I pitched a book to a real live agent while I had the flu. Possibly the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done.

Above all, I realized that all those published authors out there are just people. Ordinary people who wrote books. And by golly, I’m as ordinary as any of them, which meant that it was entirely possible for me to get a book published.

And hey. I did.

Happy WordPressiversary!


Book Trailers

Okay, guys. Book trailers. What?

I had never heard of book trailers until I took a publishing class in college. I still don’t entirely understand the concept. Books aren’t movies. Cover blurbs are the book equivalent to trailers. Right?

Am I just old-fashioned? Behind the times? Book trailers just don’t seem to match the medium of entertainment. It’s like smelling an apple to see how an orange will taste.

Help me out, friends. Do you watch book trailers? Do you have a trailer for your book? Do you think it’s a key part of advertising? Does anyone else out there think that the concept is a little odd?