A peek at the old bookshelves…

I’ve been a delinquent blogger. I know. But guys, the past two weeks have been jam-packed helping with last-minute moves, scribbling down spur-of-the-moment story inspirations, organizing school presentations in California, enjoying these rare sunny Washington days, and using PowerPoint for the first time since college.

Which, by the way, I’m still questioning. Should I use PowerPoint or Prezi for my school presentations? I love the eye-catchiness of Prezi, but I feel like PowerPoint is easier to organize. Thoughts?

So for my presentation, I finally took pictures of my bookshelves. The pictures don’t include the random stacks of books lying throughout our house, or the books still in boxes, or the bookshelf that’s not in our “library.” But they do hold a significant portion of our books.

May I present for your perusal: the books.




Stitch hangin’ with the classics.


YA, MG, PB. Why yes, I have Harry Potter in German. Doesn’t everybody?


Pretty books, a machete, and more MG.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I’d love to see your bookshelves–if you post a picture on your blog, send me the link!