New Old Reads

When I got my Kindle four years ago, I immediately downloaded about a billion free classics to read. I got around to a few of them, but e-reading doesn’t come easy to me, and the surge of classic literature faded.

Now that I’ve upgraded to a smart phone, however, I’ve realized that I can sneak three or four minutes at a time with those classics during all those pockets of time when I don’t have a book with me. Physical books are still my instrument of choice, of course, but it’s been really nice to have a bunch of books in my pocket at all times.

I started out with Alice in Wonderland and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. I never cared much for the cartoon, and I thought the story would feel old and tired after all the retellings I’ve seen around; but Lewis Carroll has such an entertaining and inimitable style that I couldn’t help enjoying myself.

Next up was Pinocchio. Not sure why I read this one; I disliked the Disney movie as a child, and I’ve never had anyone recommend the original. And in the end, it was even worse than the Disney movie. It reminded me all too much of reading Max und Moritz–stupid boys being naughty and getting extravagantly fantastical punishments heaped upon their wicked heads. Not in my top ten of 2015.

I’m working on The Time Machine by HG Wells now. I read his Invisible Man in high school and loved it, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this one as well so far. He presents his stories so well that I believe his most unbelievable scenes are possible, and I have to keep reading to see what wild-yet-strangely-believable things are going to happen next.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What are you reading now?