Don’t stop!

The last day of the retreat, Lisa Mangum shared a quote from a Disney Imagineer:

“Don’t worry. Don’t hurry. Don’t stop.”

Just read that a few times. Soak up the full meaning. Appreciate each sentence.

I’m very much a jump-in-with-both-feet kind of person. If I’m working on something, I’m working on it every moment I can spare. Which gets to be a little crazy when I overload myself and have way too many projects that I’m cramming into every spare moment.

Writing is one of those things that can really take over everything else in my life. And sometimes, that’s okay. I can let the housework and side projects slide for a bit while I get the words out of my blood.

But I’m quickly approaching a point in my life where writing will have to take a back seat for a while. And while I’m okay with that, I’ve spent a lot of time wondering exactly what that means. Do I put away all my manuscripts? Do I still set deadlines? Do I prioritize the blog over writing new material, or vice versa?

“Don’t worry.” Don’t stress over defining exactly what my writing life is going to be like in the coming year.

“Don’t hurry.” It’s okay if I’m not churning out three novels in a year. Or even one novel in a year. The pace will pick up again later.

“Don’t stop.” Sheer relief at this final statement. I don’t have to pull out of writing completely. I don’t have to shut off my story brain (as if I even could). Productivity may slow to a trickle, but don’t let it stop!

How does this quote reflect on your writing life?