Day 1, Quote 1

Guys, I love book quotes. I have a folder devoted to my favorite quotes from books I’ve read, and I reference it often. So I was practically giddy when PhantomWriter143 tagged me into the quote challenge I’ve seen floating around lately. The real challenge is that I want to just barf all of my quotes into a post, but I have to narrow it down to three–one a day for three days. And then I get to tag one other lucky blogger each day to participate as well. Thanks for the challenge, friend!

Today’s quote comes from a memoir of the fabulous Dick Van Dyke:

“I have also heard and read various accounts of why they liked me. My favorites? I wasn’t too good-looking, I walked a little funny, and I was basically kind of average and ordinary.

I guess my lack of perfection turned out to be a winning hand. Let that be a lesson for future generations.” (Dick Van Dyke, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business)

Don’t you just love that? There are so many days where I just feel like your everyday, run-of-the-mill odd duck. It’s nice to know that that very ordinariness played a key role in the success of Dick himself.

I’ll tag Julie Holmes over at Facets of a Muse for today. See you tomorrow for another quote!



  1. I used to have a notebook of quotes I collected from books I like. I don’t know what my ex did with it. My favorites are from Eric the Phantom. He said: Happiness is like the first intoxication of morphine, it doesn’t last very long. And: Time ravages beauty and preserve plainliness.

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